We've taken 95 MPH pitches straight to the elbow

We fell off our bikes on 700 ft. declines. We’ve dealt with the hardest tackles on a 50/50 ball. Are we crazy? No. We're G-Form. We test, we innovate, we reinvent ourselves, and we embrace the geeky science. All in an effort to provide the most wearable, protective sports gear out there.

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Here's the proof that G-Form provides the best protection

Independent tests comparing G-Form's Elite baseball elbow guard to a top-selling hard-shell competitor showed that our SmartFlex technology protects better. The force that passes through a guard after impact is ultimately what a batter feels. The below results show that a G-Form wearer will feel 50% LESS of the impact

Why G-Form performs better

G-Form’s SmartFlex technology absorbs impact while traditional hard-shell solutions are designed to disperse impact force. Which is why you will feel less impact when you're wearing G-Form protection.

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The SmartFlex difference

SmartFlex, G-Form's revolutionary technology, creates uninhibited freedom of motion and delivers the ultimate fit for athletes. Unlike other protective sports gear, SmartFlex ensures that your padding remains moisture-free and lightweight no matter what conditions you're in. Our pads moves as you move, and protect better than hard shelled, inflexible gear.

SmartFlex Stretch: Our most flexible protection

SmartFlex Stretch is an extension of our SmartFlex technology platform. SmartFlex Stretch pads feature an auxetic, four-way stretch design that increases mobility and breathability while delivering incredible comfort at the joint. This enhanced flexibility is ideal for sports like basketball, where players demand complete freedom of movement on their shooting elbow to maintain accuracy and performance. In addition, you can expect to receive the same legendary impact performance that only SmartFlex delivers.

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