G-Form Military and Tactical Solutions

Partnerships, Research and Development

G-Form partners with organizations such as United States Marine Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC) and the U.S. Army Development Command – Soldier Center (DEVCOM SC) to research and develop cutting-edge protective gear and technology for US Soldiers. G-Form has been awarded grants by the US Department of Defense and the like to develop these technologies.

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Impact protection solutions for our warfighters

After extensive research, it is clear to G-Form that current protective gear (pads, knees, elbows, gloves) is lacking in true functionality and as a result, rarely utilized. The current options available to military personnel impede their ability/mobility so dramatically that many choose to wear no padding at all to maintain their ability to execute their mission. This is where G-Form's patented technology that is exceptionally flexible during use and instantly hardens on impact can provide more comfortable, low-profile, lightweight, and waterproof protection that outperforms existing gear solutions.

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Protective solutions for extreme conditions

Existing protective pads absorb moisture; adding discomfort and weight while reducing efficacy and seriously impeding the combat effectiveness and survivability of the warfighter. In colder temperatures, existing protective pads can freeze and lead to complete product failure, seriously impeding the combat effectiveness of the warfighter. G-Form SmartFlex pads are encapsulated and do not absorb moisture or perspiration, allowing service members to rely upon G-Form equipped protective products in the complete spectrum of environments, from arid desert to the blistering cold of the arctic.

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Law Enforcement

G-Form SmartFlex technology is designed to be thinner and to integrate easily in standard issue uniforms, while providing industry leading protection. This sleek, understated design is critical for controlling potentially hostile situations, as large, bulky protective gear can appear threatening and provoke aggression among crowds. Research with Public Order Officers and experts in the field has informed our design intent and capabilities, delivering the officer with the best protective solution that de-escalates potential conflict without compromising the wearer’s mobility or safety..

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G-Form partners with MARSOC for Military Protection Gear

G-Form is developing an all-new body protective system for the United States Marine Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC). Teaming up with Crye Precision, G-Form strategically designed a product that met MARSOC’s niche performance needs, enhancing both mobility and lethality.

G-Form partners on new Berry Compliant Impact Protective Glove

G-Form has established a new Berry Compliant Impact Protective Glove in partnership with a worldwide glove manufacturer. This Made in the USA glove is impact resistant, touchscreen capable, utilizes a leather palm, and has great breathability.

G-Form selected to participate in AEWE 2022

G-Form is honored to be part of a down select for the 2022 AEWE (Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment). The selection will allow for G-Form to do live “in field testing” with over 200 soldiers from both the US and International partners. Our SmartFlex technology will be evaluated and put through warfare type conditions for a 60 day period. SmartFlex is proudly made in USA.

G-Form wins Marine Corps Challenge

Marine Corps Systems Command (MARCORSYSCOM) sought a padding solution to provide greater comfort and blunt-force protection that integrates into the Corps uniform, without compromising a Marine’s performance or marksmanship. The challenge called for innovators to submit ideas for replacing the Corps current knee and elbow padding. Based on the physical submissions received, a panel of Marines concluded Team G-Form demonstrated the greatest overall potential.

Since 2010, the Federal Government has conducted more than 1,000 challenges, according to challenge.gov. The Marine Corps Challenge demonstrated the potential to use nontraditional materials to improve comfort, impact protection and combat effectiveness of the deployed marine.