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What size should I wear?

G-Form products perform best when they fit well. They should be snug enough so they're difficult to move but not so tight that they cause discomfort. Each product page has a link to a size chart telling you the product's measurements. The sleeve length chart in the next FAQ question below can also help.

If your product arrives and you feel a different size would work better for you please contact customer service ( for an exchange. All non-sale/non-closeout products have a 30-day return window for sizing.

What are your sleeve lengths?

While our products conform to the sizing specified, sleeve length can play a role for both our very tall and not-so-tall customers. For instance, a shorter woman may opt to wear a knee-shin pad combination rather than separate shin and knee pads because the separate sleeves would overlap.

Sleeve Length Chart

Do you customize products?

Currently we do not offer customization of our products. While our products are designed to fit the majority of bodies, some customers—particularly professional athletes who might have less common body dimensions—opt to take the products to a tailor for custom sizing. Please note that the warranty is no longer valid if products are tailored.

How do I put on my shin guards?

Roll on, roll off!

We recommend rolling them on. When you slide them over your shin, slide by the pad and not by the fabric, otherwise the fabric may stretch out over time.

When taking them off, roll them off. Do not pull them off your shin like a sock.

How do I wash my G-Form products?

Our SmartFlex™ pads can be machine washed in cold water on gentle and then laid flat to dry. For quicker drying we recommend hanging them from a line with a clothespin or draping them over a shower rod.

To spot clean the tech gear, we recommend removing your device and wiping the product with a damp cloth.

Some of your products say NOCSAE certified. What does that mean?

In 1969 the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) was formed to commission research directed toward injury reduction. Our shin guards meet their official standards, which you can read more about here:

What about CE/EN-1621 Level 1? What does that mean?

Some of our thicker SmartFlex™ pads (like the Elite Knee Pads and the Pro-X Knee-Shin Guard) is CE/EN-1621 Level 1 certified. This is a designation for motorcycle sports, which makes these pads suitable for most track riding with a motor.

You can learn more about different motor safety designations here:

How do G-Form pads actually work?

G-Form was founded by athletes, scientists, and engineers. You can learn more about our technology and how it works here.

How can I find out about upcoming new products?

To get the inside scoop on all things G-Form, please sign up for our newsletter located on the footer of this website!

We'll let you know when we launch new products, have a flash sale, and share exclusive athlete content.

Can you explain the "Indoor Certification?" (CE)

This is a European manufacturing standard required on all packaging. It appears in the US because we use the same packaging. It is not a limitation to the product, merely a standard we satisfy for use abroad. Our pads are certainly for outdoor use!

What’s the difference between the Pro-X2 & Pro-Rugged & E-Line Knees?

If you're a mountain biker going on a casual ride for fitness and don't want to let a spill ruin your day, we recommend the Pro-X2 products.

If you're heading out on a truly demanding trail to push yourself to your limits, where a fall may be inevitable, we recommend the Pro-Rugged or the E-Line products.

The Pro-Rugged & E-Line pads are both CE 1621 level 1 certified and offer increased protection in terms of impact and coverage. They meet the highest standard for motorcycle armor. The E-Lines have a semi-hard but flexible shell which gives added protection and the ability to slide on hard surfaces.

What’s the difference between the Pro-X Compression shorts & the Men’s Elite Bike Liner

Pro-X products are targeted to beginner and intermediate athletes of across sports categories. The Elite products are targeted to advanced bike riders. Pro-X Compression shorts have padding at the hips and tailbone. The Elite Bike Liners have a built-in 4+ hour chamois and CE 1621 Level 1 certified pads at the hip that are thicker and offer increased protection in terms of impact & coverage for the aggressive bike rider.

What is the difference between the Pro-S Shin and the Elite Shin pads?

The Pro-S Elite Shin Guard is lighter and thinner than the Pro-S. It is the preferred pad of players that really do not like the feeling of pads and want to completely forget about them.

The Pro-S is thicker and more protective. It is the preferred pad for the physical style player.

The difference boils down to the profile of the pad. To put it in soccer terms, we typically recommend the Pro-S Elite for strikers and the Pro-S for defenders. They both meet NOCSAE and CE standards for play throughout the USA and EU.

About G-Form

How do I get sponsorship?

G-Form is proud to partner with some of the world's most talented athletes (click Athletes in our main menu to have a look). G-Form Athlete contracts are by invitation only.

Where are your products made?

Our SmartFlex™ pads (the padding that protects you) are designed and manufactured right here in Rhode Island at our G-Form-owned production facility. Pads are then applied to garments that are cut and sewn either in the Dominican Republic or China. From there, our products are distributed from a facility in Missouri.

Where can I find brick and mortar stores that carry G-Form products?

We're proud to be available in retail stores nationally within the United States and select stores worldwide. In order to find the store nearest you, please visit our store locator page and search by zip/postal code, or contact us at with your city, name, and zip code.

Are you hiring?

Thanks for your interest in G-Form! You can learn more about what it’s like to work at G-Form and check out open positions here.

Is your live chat a G-Form employee?

Yes! Our live chat function is run by our trained customer service team. They work in-house at our corporate headquarters in Providence, RI. By keeping everything together in one place, our customer service team can walk down the hall if they have a product-specific question and provide you with accurate real-time support.

Is there a place I can download your catalogs?

Yes, to download our catalogs directly, please visit our ISSU page, where all of our catalogs are available:

Ordering from G-Form

How do I return my product?

If you need to return or exchange your product for any reason, you may do so. Full details on returns can be found here.

What’s the warranty policy?

You can view all warranty information on our warranty page, found here.

Do you have a B2B or retailer e-commerce website?

Yes, please visit If you're already a G-Form dealer you can log in. Contact your rep if you're unsure of your login information.

I’m a retailer—how can I buy G-Form products at wholesale to stock in my store?

Thank you for your interest in G-Form. If you’re in the United States, the best place to apply to be an official G-Form dealer is on our B2B dealer website

Click on the “Create An Account” button to fill out an application to become a G-Form dealer and begin shopping our wholesale site.

How long until I receive my order?

Shipping times vary. Typically orders placed on our website are shipped within 1 business day. Our standard shipping method is standard US Post mail. Estimated delivery time within the contiguous US is between 5–7 business days. Please note: Orders shipping to Hawaii take longer as part of the journey is by boat. Delivery can take 3-4 weeks. Shipping to Canada may take up to 14 days. If you would like to upgrade your shipping, please reach out to Customer Service for an upgrade quote before placing your order. (8/18/20)Due to the current events unfolding within the US Post office, our standard shipping courier, we warn you that there is potential for increased delivery delays in some areas. USPS is experiencing extremely high traffic and having difficulty shipping on time. The standard delivery expectations were previously 7 to 10 business days from the ship date. However, this window may now be extended due to the current circumstances.

Do you ship to Canada?

Yes, please use to ship directly to Canada.


International orders: Which website should I use to ship directly?

We have three separate websites:,, and

Please use to ship directly to:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Mexico

Please use for:

  • United Kingdom

Please use to ship to the following countries:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Croatia
  • Czechia
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden

You don’t ship directly to my country. Do you have international distributors?

Yes! To contact the distributor for your country, please visit our International Distributors page, which can be found here.

Why are clearance items non-returnable?

Many of our clearance items are products that we are no longer making in the current iteration. In order to be able to offer these products at such a discounted rate, we unfortunately cannot support returns.

G-Form Swag and Other Fun Stuff

Can I get free stickers?

Thanks for expressing your enthusiasm for G-Form! Swing by our booth at any event and we will hook you up. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to keep an eye out for the next event in your area.

Do you sell T-shirts?

Currently G-Form apparel is not available online. However, we do sell limited-run apparel at many of our events. Apparel options usually correlate to the sport or sports being celebrated at each event (baseball events sell baseball shirts, etc.) We also occasionally throw in a free T-shirt upon purchase at events as well.

Your best bet is to come to come to an event, meet our crew, demo some pads, and check out the limited edition apparel our design team has whipped up.

How do I get on your social media accounts?

We love sharing photos taken by our fans! Your best bet to be featured is to share a photo that clearly features one of our products and tag G-Form directly or use the hashtag #gform.

If we use your photo we will credit you. We often share photos from one platform on another so make sure to keep an eye on all of our accounts for your feature!

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, from time to time, we offer discounts and seasonal promotions. For example:

  • Sign up for our newsletter below and you will receive a discount code for 10% off your next order.
  • Once signed up for our newsletter you will be the first to know of any upcoming deals and secret sales.