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The Pro-S Vento Shin Guards - By G-Form

The Pro-S Vento Shin Guards - By G-Form

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All-new technical improvements form the next generation of soccer shin guards to the market


PROVIDENCE, RI, June 15, 2022 – G-Form®, the innovative sports protection brand, announced this week the Fall 2022 launch of its all-new Pro-S Vento soccer shin guards. Maintaining G-Form’s reputation for lightweight, comfortable, and stay-in-place shin guards, Vento’s completely new design will quickly become a staple in the top player’s kit.

The protective pad is made entirely of G-Form’s patented SmartFlex™ Technology, which is proudly made in the USA. SmartFlex is made of a non-Newtonian material, allowing it to be soft and flexible until pressure is applied, causing it to harden and protect. It is also extremely lightweight and offers a body-mapped fit for optimal comfort and stays in place. Pro-S Vento’s pad features a new, sculpted design that delivers added performance and flexibility while reducing weight. The shin pad is fully integrated into the sleeve construction to ensure a secure fit during play.

Enhancements were also made to G-Form’s premium-quality sleeve on the Vento’s to help further improve the fit, comfort and usability. The new sleeve boasts an elongated front for easy on-off, a single-contoured seam for targeted calf compression, as well as a woven elastic top band to help stay in place. All G-Form fabric sleeves are moisture-wicking, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable.

“We are very proud to bring the Pro-S Vento to market,” says Dennis Benjamin, G-Form’s European Sales Manager specializing in the Soccer category, “Accompanying our most recent soccer launches of the Pro-S Elite 2 and Pro-S Blade shin guards, our expanded 2022 product line gives customers a range of options and colors.” Available in four sleek new colors of Black, White, Neon Pink and Mint, the Pro-S Vento Shin Guards are available in adult sizes S – XL and youth sizes S/M-L/XL. Suggested retail price of the Pro-S Vento Shin Guards is $39.99. The Neon Pink and Mint options also match G-Form’s all-new color offerings in the Pro-S Ankle, for complete shin and ankle soccer protection. Pro-S Vento is available on and in retail stores, globally

G-Form’s innovative SmartFlex™ Technology is meticulously designed to provide premium, lightweight, and breathable protection, without hindering movement. All G-Form protective wear is waterproof and conveniently machine-washable without lessening the quality of the padding. With a low-profile and articulated design, G-Form’s products form to your body, hugging each curve to provide a second skin fit that’s unique to everyone.


G-Form is a technology-driven protective solutions provider. A pioneer in the advancement of impact protection technology for athletes, the company’s proprietary cutting-edge manufacturing process and utilization of innovative SmartFlex™ materials combine high-level impact protection with comfort, style, and complete freedom of motion. G-Form has become a chosen protective equipment brand for athletes across multiple categories including baseball, MTB, BMX, skateboard, soccer, volleyball, military, and professional stunt. For more information about G-Form, visit



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