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G-Form Partners with CLCKR for New, Revolutionary iPhone 15 Cases

G-Form Partners with CLCKR for New, Revolutionary iPhone 15 Cases

CLCKR and G-Form Join Forces to Revolutionize Mobile Device Protection and Functionality

The Mobile Accessory Brand Releases Cases With G-Form Protection, a Leading Sports Protection Brand

MIAMI, Sept. 13, 2023 – CLICKR, the mobile accessory brand, today announced its partnership with G- Form, the innovative protection brand, in conjunction with the launch of the iPhone 15 to offer a new standard in protective cases by revolutionizing mobile device protection and functionality. This collaboration brings together the expertise of two industry vets, promising cutting-edge solutions to enhance user experience and safeguard mobile devices like never before.

CLCKR is widely recognized for its innovative grip and stand products that have transformed the way users interact with their smartphones and tablets. The brand’s ergonomic designs and versatile functionalities have gained a massive following being sold in over 10,000 doors worldwide. By utilizing G-Form's Smartflex™ technology, CLCKR’s new case range for the iPhone 15 reaches up to 16 feet in drop protection for athletes and adventurers all around the world. The subtle G-Form geometry groove on the mobile cases helps complement CLCKR’s attachable accessories with a material that protects on impact to provide outstanding protection.

“We are thrilled to partner with G-Form, a company renowned for its exceptional impact protection

technology,” said Tim Smart, president of Strax Americas, distributor of subsidiary CLCKR. “Together, we

aim to redefine mobile accessory safety.”


The partnership between CLCKR and G-Form marks a significant milestone in the mobile accessory market. By combining their expertise, both companies aim to address the growing need for comprehensive mobile device protection without compromising on user experience.

“This collaboration represents an exciting opportunity to push the boundaries of impact protection in the mobile accessory industry,” said Glen “Gava” Giovanucci. “By joining forces with CLCKR, a best-in- class partner, we can offer users next-level protection while maintaining the sleek design and usability they expect from their devices."

Most recently, CLCKR partnered with rePurpose Global to announce their certification as the world’s first plastic neutral mobile accessory brand. Through this initiative, CLCKR plans to offset 21 tons of plastic – the equivalent of 1.1 million plastic bottles in 2023.

CLCKR is on the ShareASale affiliate platform. CLCKR’s G-Form protection cases are available for purchase at Verizon stores nationwide, Amazon, and For images, click here. For more information about CLCKR, visit


CLCKR is the essential mobile accessory for modern creators, professionals and digital nomads. CLCKR’s patented Universal and MagSafe stand & grip mobile accessories, phone cases, wallets and more are all about making life easier. The unobtrusive strap transforms your device into a portable stand for easy video watching and social scrolling in both landscape and portrait modes, whilst the grip provides a secure hold to prevent drops whether at home or on the go. CLCKR’s practical mobile solutions enhance users’ lives through their ergonomic design to help reduce stress on the hands. It is available as a Universal product that sticks to most devices with its reusable 3M Adhesive. Other products include MagSafe-compatible stands & grips, wallets and phone cases. All CLCKR products are designed for users to get the best out of their mobile devices. To learn more, please visit




STRAX is a global leader in accessories that empower mobile lifestyles. Our portfolio of branded accessories covers all major mobile accessory categories: Protection, Power, Connectivity, as well as Personal Audio. Own brands are Urbanista, CLCKR, Planet Buddies and Richmond Finch. Our distribution business reaches a broad customer base, through 70,000 brick-and-mortar stores around the globe, as well as through online marketplaces and direct-to-consumers. Our distribution business also services over 40 other major mobile accessory brands.


Founded as a trading company in 1995, STRAX has since expanded worldwide and evolved into a global brand and distribution business. Today we have over 200 employees in 13 countries. STRAX is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm stock exchange.

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- April 18, 2024

This partnership between G-Form and CLCKR is exciting news for iPhone users! I’m eager to see the innovative designs and features these new cases will bring to the iPhone 15. It’s great to see brands coming together to provide enhanced protection and functionality for our devices.

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