Pro-S Lite Soccer Shin Guards

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The G-Form soccer Pro-S Lite Shin Guards feature revolutionary SmartFlex™ soft padding technology that hardens on impact and allows you to withstand the nastiest tackles. And now, this “Lite” version of Pro-S provides players the same protection, but with the ability to slip their guards into G-Form compression sleeves or their own team socks.


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  • baseball soccer


Featuring SmartFlex™: Flexible During Play. Hardens on Impact.

  • •Body-mapped impact absorbing SmartFlex™pads
  • • Moisture wicking sleeves are lightweight, breathable, and include elastic binding to secure guards in place
  • • Pads can be placed into separate sleeves(included) or slipped into socks
  • • Thin, flexible pads offer ease of portability and storage
  • •Sleeve: hand wash only
  • • Sold in pairs
  • •30 day return policy

Meets NOCSAE standards for play throughout the USA.


Our revolutionary Smartflex™ Technology creates uninhibited freedom of motion and delivers the ultimate fit for athletes.

No athlete should have to put up with protective sports gear that weighs them down, or restricts motion due to bulk. We have industry-leading lightweight and low profile gear.

Bulky protective sports gear that gets in your way is a thing of the past. Our low profile gear is lightweight (in some cases, less than 2 oz.) and fits like a second skin.

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Pro-S Lite Soccer Shin Guards in action