Resellers Impact Protection, Revolutionized

Welcome to G-Form. We offer protection for sports and electronic gear including soft, flexible RPT technology that stiffens to absorb the energy of impacts and medical grade vibration dampening gel products.

Watch the video of JoJo Petterson, Pro World Cup MTB Competitor, tell why she chooses G-Form protection.

Read what G-Form Retailer David Neal of Mojo Cycling has to say.

“G-Form pads are one of the best product lines that I’ve brought into my shop. People see them being used on the trail by my other customers & come to the shop ready to get a set for themselves. Cross-country riders want them because they are light & don’t restrict movement. Down-hill & free-ride cyclists buy them because (unlike other pads) they wick sweat, making them cool in the summer & warm in the winter. Everyone likes them because of their superior protection. If customers still have questions as to the effectiveness of G-Form products, Cole, one of my staff, puts on his arm pads. Then we whack his elbow repeatedly with a ball-peen hammer. That always convinces them!”

David Neal, Owner
Mojo Cycling
Bentonville, AR

Retailers and distributors can be confident in partnering with G-Form with our Risk Free Special Introductory Guaranteed Sale Offer.* G-Form will buy back any unsold product from your initial order any time after six months from your initial order date.

If you would like to become a retailer or distributor, apply online or contact our Sales Department: Email:

*Offer limited to store’s initial order purchase with a buy back maximum of $1,000. This is a limited time offer.