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Bike Shoe Insole

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The G-Form Bike Shoe Insole is the first insole designed specifically for cycling to dampen vibration and reduce hot spot pressure through the use of a medical grade Gel. This is the same Gel used by Podiatrists in foot care products to correct clinical podiatric problems. The specially formulated G-Form anti-vibe Gel is engineered to disrupt the energy transfer of vibrations caused by road chatter from traveling through the pedal and into your foot while at the same time displacing load pressure on your foot where the cleat meets the pedal. This unique technology helps to reduce numbness and pain in your toes and ball of foot allowing you better riding performance.

The G-Form Bike Shoe Insole uses OrthoLite Foam technology:

Breathable for a cooler foot – OrthoLite is an open-cell foam, allowing air to circulate around the foot, keeping your foot cooler inside the shoe. Moisture management — The top wicking fabric combined with the unique open cell structure of OrthoLite creates a moisture management system inside the bike shoe by moving moisture away from the foot leaving foot drier. When the foot is removed from the bike shoe any remaining moisture dries very quickly due to the airflow allowed by the open cell network in the foam. Long term performance — The unique spring-back technology means your insole will retain over 95% of its thickness over time and won’t flatten out. Anti-microbial agents — OrthoLite contains a patented anti-microbial formulation to fight fungus, bacteria, and odor in the shoe. The EPA/FDA approved anti-microbial is added during formulation so that it is linked to the foam and will not wear off over time. Lightweight — OrthoLite is extremely lightweight providing optimum performance without adding significant weight to the bike shoe. Recycled rubber content — OrthoLite foam contains recycled rubber powder which allows everyone to do their share in helping our environment.
For best results:
  1. Remove existing insole from bike shoe
  2. Align G-Form Bike Shoe Insoles with existing insole at the heel
  3. Trim G-Form Bike Shoe Insoles to match existing insole around forefoot and toe area
  4. Insert G-Form Bike Shoe Insoles into bike shoe aligning G-Form anti-vibe Gel zone over the cleat area of bike shoe.

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