Colton Satterfield Wins Two Golds, Silver at Pro Games in Chile


G-Form pro BMXer Colton Satterfield recently traveled down to Chile to compete in the Pro Games, one of the biggest MegaRamp venues. Read below for his recap on the event:

What’s up everyone, Colton Satterfield here. Just wanted to give you guys a little update of my latest trip to Santiago, Chile for one of the sickest MegaRamp contest demos I have ever been a part of, the Pro Games. 

Signed event poster for the Yogu Yogu Pro Games in Santiago, Chile

Every time I get down to South America, I am always in disbelief at the intensity of the fan base for action sports. These people go crazy! Not only are there way more people at every event than in America, but they all get so into it and hyped. 

Stands packed to the brim with enthused spectators

Intimidated? You should be! Here’s the huge MegaRamp 2.0 roll-in

We had 3 days of separate contests. MegaRamp 2.0 was there for us BMXers and skaters, as well as a pretty sick course for the FMX guys. The top dudes of each sport were invited for each event. It was poised to get crazy from the get go.  The first day started out in the morning doing local media with skateboarding 1080 kid Tom Schaar of X-Games fame and Chile native Javier Villegas. Every media station came out and the vibe around the event felt like a fuse just waiting to be lit. 

Colton poses with skateboarding phenom, “1080 kid” Tom Schaar and FMX icon Javier Villegas

Colton interviews with CNN Chile

The event was right next to a really cool mall and every day we would do autographs for the people lined up. I couldn’t believe, every single day, how many people showed up and lost their minds to get an autograph or photo. I have seen some crazy situations in America but this fully blew it out of the water. These people LOVE action sports, thousands of people all over every day. It’s kind of rare that in America I get recognized for people other than BMXers, but Chile was TOTALLY different. Everywhere we went we got stopped by random people who knew a lot about all of us. It was a pretty rad experience, South American fans are epic!

Some fans were extra supportive!

The shows came around and each night we had a prelim and final. 3 riders would make it into the final. One picked by the judges, one picked by the riders, and the last rider picked by the audience. The final 3 in the final were judged by the judges. This wild format made for a really intense show that got the crowd really into it.  Long story short, the first night I walked away with a gold medal, the second night a gold medal, and the last night a silver medal. Overall, pretty siked!  2 gold one silver! Got some real big things done for the crowd that I hadn’t previously done before. Was such an awesome time!

BMXers Zack Warden, Colton and Coco Zurita on the podium with their prize medals and ponchos.

The friends there and the fans made this event truly one to remember. One of the most fun events I have been to. The more I ride MegaRamp the more I love it. G-form did me good and kept me safe the whole time, and I even spotted some G-form knees on one of the pro skaters. 

Skaters and bikers alike dig G-Form protection

Overall, a really awesome time and event, made it home with some hardware and some ponchos, definitely got the essentials!  Thanks to everyone at G-form for the continued support!

Colton bares his hardware – two golds and a silver

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