iPads Survive 35 Foot Drop Onto Concrete in Best Buy Parking Lot


We just finished our latest test of the Reverse Ballistic Edge and Extreme Hydro Sleeve for protecting iPads. We decided the most scientific test would be to drop them from 35 feet up in a bucket truck at our local Best Buy.  The challenger was the latest offering from our competitor and their best hard shell case. Watch below to see the G-Form RPT-protected iPads survive without even a scratch, while the iPad in a hard shell case was destroyed by the same drop.

“Our technology is unique in that it doesn’t require thickness to absorb impact,” said Thom Cafaro, VP of Innovations, G-Form. “Our unique composites are soft and flexible until the moment of impact at which point they momentarily stiffen – changing molecular structure while at the same time absorbing over 90% of impact force. While many people are familiar with athletes in almost any extreme sport wearing our G-Form bright yellow exoskeletal compression gear, or with the very distinctive look of our existing electronics protection, these new iPad cases use the identical proprietary impact technology in a design that doesn’t call too much attention to itself,” continued Cafaro.

Our new Reverse Ballistic Edge and Extreme Hydro Sleeve are both 100 percent designed, molded, cut, sewn and packaged in the USA, and the company is committed to its USA manufacturing strategy.

“All of our electronic gear is molded, cut and sewn and assembled in the US which is pretty much unheard of in electronics,” said Bill Reifsnyder, VP of Marketing, G-Form. “As a result we have created over 300 new local jobs in just the past 6 months. Our American made technology sets a totally new standard in protection and at a great value to the consumer.”

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