iPad Extreme Sleeve Reviewed on ZDNet.com


Jason Perlow, blogger in the Tech Broiler at ZDNet.com, with an early engineering prototype of the G-Form iPad Extreme Sleeve in hand, stated in his write-up, “I’m extremely impressed.”

Perlow showed the latest video of a 12lb. bowling ball dropping on an iPad protected by the Extreme Sleeve vs. a hard case.

[youtube_video id="RjacWefOnbk"]

Perlow begins his article with the recent buzz over the release of the Extreme Sleeve.

“Over the last couple of days, I have been closely examining the product development of a new iPad 1/iPad 2 slip case by G-Form, a company that is extremely new to the consumer electronics accessory industry but has a lot of experience in producing knee and elbow pads for high-impact and extreme sports.
Those of you who travel with an iPad 1/iPad 2 or even use it around the house or at your business might want to consider pre-ordering one of these cases at $59.95. I’ve gotten that much confidence in this product already that I can say this is the closest thing you are going to get to making your iPad impact proof under heavy travel and when carrying it around in typical business usage conditions.”

Perlow goes on to talk about the technology used in the Extreme Sleeve and will keep readers posted on his travels with the prototype and later he intends to write a full review of the retail version.

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  1. [...] Das G-Form iPad Extreme Sleeve™ gibt es sowohl für das iPad 1 als auch für das iPad 2. Vorbestellungen für die Hülle werden auf der Webseite entgegengenommen, die Lieferung erfolgt ab dem 1.Mai 2011. Eine Bewertung der Schutzhülle findet man unter anderem hier. [...]

  2. Donna says:

    How does it fare in corner-first hits or side impacts!?!?

    • Ross says:

      All it needs are 2 or 3 d-rings for a detachable shoulder strap. 3 rings for carrying horizontal or vertical. Carrying handle? Corner or side edge impacts??

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